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When you need a criminal defense attorney, you need someone that understands how both sides will approach the case.

If You Or Someone You Know Has Been Arrested In The Greater Seattle Area, Then You Need Representation Today.

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Making The Criminal Defense Process Easier

No case is the same, and as a former deputy prosecuting attorney, I understand that. At Law Office of Francesca Yahyavi PLLC, I approach cases with the perspective of someone that has an understanding of how the opposing side may approach a case and I use that knowledge to help my clients work through the legal process.

With over 20 years of legal experience under my belt, I’ve worked on a large variety of cases, and through that time, I’ve gained a solid understanding of the courts and systems that exist in the greater Seattle area. Let me use that understanding to provide the guidance you need.

Francesca…..Thank you so much for meeting with us yesterday. Your thoroughness was reassuring as we process the facts in this situation. I appreciated your compassion and clarity. Thank you again, Rev. Tara

A Result Doesn’t Always Mean The End Of The Legal Process

Sometimes it can feel like a legal result is going to be the end of not only the legal process but also normalcy in someone’s life. While sometimes the only path forward is a sentence, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to protect yourself afterward.

Clients will sometimes come to me at Law Office of Francesca Yahyavi PLLC seeking out a way to expunge their records. While this can’t be done within the state of Washington, I can seek out ways to have previous convictions sealed to help provide a sense of normalcy back to your life.

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