You Deserve An Attorney To Protect Your Rights

Everyone has the right to work with a defense attorney, no matter the charges they face. If the state has arrested you and charged you with a crime, you need legal protection immediately. At the Law Office of Francesca Yahyavi PLLC, I commit my over 20 years of legal experience to defending Seattle-area clients from serious criminal charges.

Just a few of the types of cases I handle include:

Whether your case involves negotiating a plea bargain or taking it to trial, I am on your side and fighting for you at every step.

A Former Prosecutor Dedicated To Defending You

Before founding my own criminal defense law firm, I served as a public defender and then a prosecutor for Washington state. This invaluable experience gave me insight into how the justice system works, including the most effective and persuasive defense strategies to implement.

Can I Clear My Past Record?

If you have prior charges or convictions on your criminal record, you have likely found that they hold you back from jobs, housing and educational opportunities. Fortunately, there are two methods you can use to get a fresh start:

  1. Sealing your criminal record from public view
  2. Vacating prior offenses so they no longer exist on your record

Contact me to discuss what your options are with regards to past convictions and your criminal record.

Seek My Assistance Immediately

The sooner you have representation from an attorney, the better off your case will likely end. Contact the Law Office of Francesca Yahyavi PLLC at 425-532-5396 or send me an email to schedule an initial consultation – the sooner, the better.