Protecting Those Who Face Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Violence is an immensely serious accusation that can have significantly life changing consequences. If you have been reported to the police for domestic violence or the prosecution has charged you with a domestic violence crime, you need immediate help from a defense attorney.

With such a serious issue at hand, you can rely on me at the Law Office of Francesca Yahyavi PLLC. I spent a majority of my time as a deputy prosecuting attorney working on domestic violence cases and have a solid understanding of how the prosecution approaches these cases.   Whether you have been accused of a domestic violence crime or you a victim witness that is seeking representation, I can use my experience and knowledge to help you navigate the extremely stressful domestic violence criminal process.

Mandatory Arrests: What To Know

Washington is one of the 16 states in the U.S. that has mandatory domestic violence arrest laws. This means that police officers responding to a domestic incident have to arrest someone if they have probable cause to believe that an offense took place.

Keeping Parents With Their Children

If you have children, a criminal charge or conviction related to domestic violence could permanently damage your parental rights. The mere accusation of abuse is something that family law judges take very seriously when weighing custody and visitation.

Act Quickly – Get Legal Help Now

Do not hesitate – time is crucial in domestic violence cases. For experience as well as compassion, work with me at the Law Office of Francesca Yahyavi PLLC. Call 425-532-5396 or send an email to schedule an initial consultation.