Defending Juvenile Offenders And Protecting Their Futures

Juvenile offenders face a much different justice system than adults. Navigating this system carefully and protecting your child’s rights is crucial – and you need an attorney to do it.

When you require an attorney you can trust with your child’s future, turn to the Law Office of Francesca Yahyavi PLLC. With 20 years of experience plus a background as a prosecutor, I represent minors and their parents in the Seattle metro area and throughout the state. The juvenile justice system can seem overwhelming, complex and intimidating, but I have the skills to guide your child through it to a better future.

What To Know About Juvenile Law In Washington

Most young offenders are not charged through the same criminal law system that adults face. Instead, they go through the juvenile justice system of Washington state. After law enforcement officers arrest a youth under the age of 18, the process goes something like this:

  1. The police will either return the youth to their parents or book them into a juvenile detention facility.
  2. If the child is booked, the juvenile court will hold a hearing on whether to detain or release the youth.
  3. The prosecution decides whether to keep the case in juvenile court or make a diversion agreement.
  4. Should the state file charges, the child will appear at an arraignment and enter their plea.
  5. The prosecutors and defense attorneys have the opportunity to negotiate a pretrial plea bargain. If they do not reach one, the case goes to trial in juvenile court.

Although the consequences of a conviction are still severe, the juvenile system places a greater emphasis on alternative sentencing and rehabilitation. That’s why it is crucial to have a defense lawyer on your side who can fight tirelessly to secure the least serious penalties available.

Work With Me To Protect Your Child’s Future

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